Optimal solutions for the optimal production process

In many different industries, production can be optimised through the targeted control of electrostatic impulses.

Printing industry

  • Increased processing speeds
  • Reduction of machine downtime
  • Controlled infeed and accurate alignment of the printed medium at the feeder
  • Neatly stacked printed medium
  • Optimal further processing of the paper stack
  • Uniform sheet run, even with thin and difficult media such as plastic foil and coated paper
  • No threat of static charge to operating staff
  • Avoidance of missing dots and clouding effects

Plastics industry

  • Increased processing speeds
  • No sticking to mouldings, especially in cases of small dimensions
  • No blocked screw charging channels, especially with injection moulding machines
  • Avoidance of build-up on the product
  • No discharge sparks to the machine ground
  • No threat of static discharge to operating staff

Packaging industry

  • Increased processing speeds
  • No clogging of the dosing unit
  • No contamination of the weld on tubular bag machines
  • Protection of ESD prone components during packaging of printed circuit boards

Textile indutry

  • No staff at risk
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved end product quality

Chemical industry

  • Higher production speed
  • More economical production
  • Accurate results
  • Clean materials