DG 306 EX


For ATEX discharging components

The discharging generator DG 306 (EX) is the power pack of the KERSTEN next product family and can be used to supply all the ATEX-discharging components. With its 6 High voltage connections he can easily manage every large installation, nevertheless it is very compact. it can also be extended with a high voltage distribution. With the patented DC High voltage technology you don´t have to worry about EMC interferences anymore while you receive the best possible discharge power. By using the 24 V DC fault indication contact, you have the option to receive a fault signal directly in your system. the High voltage Generator DG 306 is supplied by a 24 v DC input voltage and is therefore independent of the world´s different network standards. The generator provides two insulated and against reverse polarity secured high voltage connections, where discharging devices can be fast and easily connected to.

The generator must be installed outside the explosion-hazardous zones .

  • 6 High-voltage Slots
  • Error Display
  • Patented bipolar DC voltage