Tailor-made solutions to serve our customers

The family-owned company KERSTEN Elektrostatik has offered customized system solutions in dealing with electrostatics for over 40 years. The company was founded by business partners Mr. Kersten and Mr. Fuchs in 1971. Ms. Heike Kersten, the daughter of founder Walter Kersten, has led the company since 1999. The family’s third generation has also joined the company; Mr. Christoph Krause in the year 2012 and Mr. Tim Krause in 2015.

The generational change in a medium-sized family business is a complex task. For me, as the managing partner and as a mother, it is a further step but also a very special, proud moment, to place the successful continuation of our family business from April 1st, 2022 on , completely in the hands of my two sons, Tim Krause as managing director, and Christoph Krause as authorized signatory".

Our many years of experience enable us to assist you in increasing the efficiency and economy of your production processes. Precisely this is our profession and the reason why we are the preferred partner of companies in many sectors of industry worldwide.



A vision becomes reality

Our vision evolved based on decades of experience of our company and the reflection of future challenges to be met. Production processes in which electrostatic charge significantly impacts process efficiency constitute the focal point of our orientation for the longer term. Our corporate policies and action are therefore focused on products and services which contribute towards the utilisation of electrostatic effects to your advantage. This is the meaning of our vision “System solutions to electrostatics”.

We mobilise our full creative potential towards the realisation of this vision. We focus in this respect especially on market-driven dynamic innovation in support of standard products and customised solutions. This also includes top quality and availability on schedule to sustain your functions and processes. Customer support and our competency in finding solutions enjoy top priority. We intend on this basis to further strengthen our leading position in the industry.

All of our endeavours remain driven by our determination to offer our customers maximum benefit. Trust and partnership in this respect take pride of place.

Building up a future together constitutes our motivation and prime driving force.

KERSTEN - your way to success