The operation of all Kersten discharging components can be divided into three phases.

In the first phase, the surrounding air is ionized because of the strong electrical fields around the needle tips. The proportion of positively and negatively generated charge carriers remain balanced. In the second phase, these generated charge carriers move towards the charged material due to the electrostatic repulsive and attractive forces or air support. In the third phase, the generated charge carriers move into the area of the charged material. The charged material then takes the exact amount of positive and negative charge carriers from the immense reservoir, in order to convert itself into a neutral state.

The active discharging systems that are currently available on the market differentiate themselves essentially in the type of applied voltage to the high-voltage needles. These types range from common AC voltage through pulsed DC voltage all the way to the Kersten patented continuous bipolar DC volt technology. The Kersten patented DC volt technology continuously generates the maximum amount of ions possible. As a result, temporal and spatial discharging gaps become a thing of the past. The continuous DC volt technology can be applied anywhere that strong discharge power is needed.

Using continuous DC volt technology provides other benefits besides strong discharging power. Other benefits include the compact construction of the discharging components, as well as good EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) values. Therefore, the discharging components are able to be positioned into areas, where because of a lack of space it would not normally be possible to achieve an optimal discharge. Continuous DC volt technology can be applied across all areas of industry. Kersten also offers special Ex-Range discharging systems with the continuous DC volt technology. This is for areas where an explosion-hazardous atmosphere makes regular discharging impossible. The Kersten DC discharging systems are a Plug-In system. All discharging components can be connected to the specifically designed high voltage power supply. The specially developed reverse polarity protected high-voltage plugs are unique on the market. They provide an operating safety like no other competitor offers. In order to expand the number of high-voltage plug-in slots, optional high-voltage distributers can be used. This makes subsequent expansions or additions much easier.