DE 216L EX

Discharging electrode

ATEX luftunterstützte Elektrode  Antistatic bar with air support
Air duct with adjustable angle

The DE 216 L KERSTEN neXt® discharge electrode is a universal electrode for ATEX zones and a variety of applications with supporting air. It is used for surface discharging a variety of materials. It has good mechanical stability despite its small cross-section. A greater electrostatic discharge reach and material cleaning effect may be achieved with the additional support of compressed air. The DE 216 L discharge electrode has an air duct with adjustable angle, allowing you to change the air flow to suit your requirements.

  • ATEX Authorization:EX II (2) D 80 degrees Celsius und EX II (2) G IIB T6
  • Small electrode cross-section
  • Extremely stable form (GRP)
  • Continuous flow of ions
  • Vacuum casted
  • Adjustable air support
  • Touch-safe
  • Easy to intall
  • PTB 11 ATEX 5001 U
  • EX II 2G IIB T6 sowie Ex II 2D 80 °C